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Litigation Funding for Insolvency Practitioners

By the very nature of an insolvency situation there is either very little or a very limited amount of money available to spend on legal fees. Often the only asset, or so-called asset is a legal claim against someone. But, potentially, that may be a very large asset, but unrealised all the same.

Despite this it is still a valuable asset. Historically, realising this asset has been problematic for Insolvency Practitioners ('IPs'). Either they had to find a lawyer who would work at risk (and possibly pay for disbursements as well) or the IP would have to persuade one or a small group of interested, and solvent, creditors, to club together to pay the legal fees or disbursements necessary to run the case.

But, there is an alternative. Litigation funding from Vannin Capital.

In the current economic climate IPs are very busy. But, the financial strain is not limited to businesses other than lawyers. It has had a huge effect on lawyers too.
Lawyers simply cannot run a large contingent caseload, cash flow is king for any business, whether it is a law firm or not. This reduction in the ability of law firms to take on work at full risk means that IPs need an alternative.

Litigation funding from Vannin Capital provides Insolvency Practitioners with a tool to maximise the assets of insolvent companies or bankrupt estates.

We can give you the key to unlocking the value in the assets you are holding. Third party funding turns a contingent claim into an asset that gives you liquid cash.

We provide a solution that benefits Insolvency Practitioners and creditors alike.